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Delta GEMS

Encourages through monthly sessions African American young women in grades 9-12 to dream big and to realize those dreams through scholarship and service in their respective community.

This program is available to students who matriculate at schools located in the Chapter’s service area.



Economic Development Implements programs and activities such as money management, investments, financial planning, and consumer education for the community and chapter members to promote economic stability in the African American Community. egacfinsec@gmail.com
Finance Governs the Chapter’sfinances which include the Chapter’s budget as well as fiscal policies and procedures.



Heritage andArchives Collects and coordinates the documentation of the Chapter’s historical information which is presented through photographs,prose, and prerecorded video.
Housing and Properties Reserves meeting locations forExecutive Board and Chapter meetings as well as Chapter activities. Proposes permanent housing.
Journalist Creates and distributes advertisement for Chapter Programs and events. Develops and distributes the Chapter’s newsletter- The Crimson Chronicle.
Internal Audit Examines the Chapter’s financial records to ensure compliance with the Chapter’s fiscal policies and procedures as well as Grand Chapter’s fiscal requirements.
International and Political Awareness Provides information to the membership on current civil and human rights issues and ensures representation at Delta Days at the California State Capital Social Action Conference, Washington, D.C., and United Nations.

Membership / Hospitality /


Develops activities to assist in the reclamation of Delta members and the retention of EGAC members. Assists in the administration of the Membership Intake Program. Offers encouragement to EGAC members who are experiencing difficulties in their personal life due to illness or death. Develops and updates the Emergency Preparedness Initiative to ensure that members have the necessary resources before, during, and after a natural or manmade disaster.



Nominating Presents a slate of candidates eligible to hold an elected Chapter office.
Physical and Mental Health Plans, organizes, and presents health related activities as well as events that create total wellness of body, mind, and spirit of the community and Chapter members.
Program Planning and Development Reviews all programs of the Chapter  and makes reccomendations on which programs shuld continue as well as revising and discontuining.
Protocol and Traditions Educates Chapter members about the established code of protocol and behavior within the Chapter.
Risk Management Coordinates with program volunteers to ensure adherence to Grand Chapter’s policies and procedures regarding youth participation and interaction. egacpresident@gmail.com
Rules of Order & Policies
and Procedures (ROPP)
Reviews the Chapter’s policies and procedures to ensure uniformity with how the Chapter operates and Grand Chapter’s current procedures.
Technology Maintains all social media accounts which includes the official Chapter’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts as well asoffers workshops to educate members about ​technology use. t
Ways and Means Plans and manages fundraising activities which fund the Chapter’s programs and activities.
Yolo Youth Conference Prepares African American youth in grades 9-12 to be leaders as well as to pursue higher education upon graduation. The conference is held annually in October.